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sbs alu - 35 °C




AUTOTAK ALU is a special self-adhering vapour barrier consisting of a reinforced composite glass-aluminium foil coated on the lower face with an adhesive SBS-modified bituminous compound.

Application is very simple and safe: once aligned the roll in place over a clean and primed substrate, by simply removing the silicone films from the underside, AUTOTAK ALU will adhere in place without the need of a propane gas torch or a hot air machine.



The carrier is a special glass grid coupled to an aluminium foil that makes AUTOTAK ALU ideally suited for applications where a perfect vapour barrier is required.



Intended use according CE Mark Standards

  • AUTOTAK  ALU  0,5 mm: bituminous barrier against water vapour diffusion (EN 13970).




Available surface finishes

AUTOTAK ALU - upper surface



Lower surface

Lower face is covered with a silicone release film, non-stick and removable, divided into two parts for easy placement and alignment of the rolls during the application.


Use & Application

Non accessible flat roofs Non accessible industrial roofs

AUTOTAK ALU is recommended for use as a self-adhering vapour barrier or vapour check layer for applications in presence of high relative humidity and/or low ventilation.

AUTOTAK ALU is specially suitable for application upon profile metal decking: it withstands foot traffic without puncturing.

For correct installation refer to information provided by Copernit Technical Department. 


30% made of recycled raw materials Completely recyclable Non-hazardous waste material Used-oil free!! Chlorine free!! Asbestos free!! Tar free!! Oxidized-bitumen free!!


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