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sbs alu+pol - 25 °C




AUTOTAK VAP DUO is a self-adhering waterproofing membrane made of distilled bitumen modified with SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) polymers, with a self-adhesive coating on both sides of the roll.

AUTOTAK VAP DUO is the perfect solution for a simple and torch-free application of insulation panels made of polystyrene or other types of flame sensitive materials without the use of oxidised bitumen, mechanical fixations, mastics or any other kind of adhesives.


AUTOTAK VAP DUO has a special reinforcement consisting of an aluminum foil coupled with a stabilised non-woven polyester: this combination makes AUTOTAK VAP DUO an absolute barrier against water vapour diffusion combined with high mechanical strength and ease of application.


Intended use according CE Mark Standards

  • AUTOTAK  VAP DUO 2,0 mm: self-adhesive waterproofing barrier against water vapour diffusion (EN 13970)




Available surface finishes


AUTOTAK DUO - upper surface

Pre-cut silicone release film, for easier placement and installation of insulation panels.


Lower surface

Lower face is covered with a silicone release film, non-stick and removable, divided into two parts for easy placement and alignment of the rolls during the application.


Use & Application

Pitched roofs

AUTOTAK VAP DUO is recommended for use as a self-adhering vapour barrier or vapour check layer for applications in presence of high relative humidity and/or low ventilation; it is normally positioned below the insulation layer but, as a rule and subject to the construction design, it must be installed in a position to prevent the insulation layers from becoming in contact with the sources of humidity and preserve in time the effectiveness of the insulation properties.

For correct installation refer to information provided by Copernit Technical Department. 


30% made of recycled raw materials Completely recyclable Non-hazardous waste material Used-oil free!! Chlorine free!! Asbestos free!! Tar free!! Oxidized-bitumen free!!


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