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sbs pol - 25 °C



AUTOTAK  is a self-adhering waterproofing membrane of reduced thickness made of distilled bitumen modified with SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) polymers, with a special adhesive coating on the lower face. Floorings can be installed directly onto AUTOTAK TERRACE without any screed, with savings of 4-5 cm on the overall thickness of the construction. Rolls must be aligned side to side without overlaps, making AUTOTAK TERRACE the best solution for a flat paving substrate. For a perfectly waterproof, seamless and flat surface AUTOTAK TERRACE must be overlaid with a coat of COPERLASTIC PLUS reinforced with POLY-RINFORZO non woven.

Application is very simple, torch-free and safe: rolls have to be aligned side to side over a clean and primed substrate. AUTOTAK TERRACE will adhere in place without the need of a propane gas torch or hot air devices by simply removing the silicone film from the underside.



The carrier is a spunbond polyester stabilised with longitudinal glass yarns that combine superior dimensional stability with high tensile strength and elongation values and excellent mechanical properties in general.


Intended use according CE Mark Standards

  • AUTOTAK TERRACA  3,0 kg/m²: under-flooring single layer for the waterproofing of balconies and terraces (EN 13707).



Available surface finishes


AUTOTAK TERRACE - upper surface

Special micro-mineral finishing with very fine green slate particles


Lower surface

Lower face is covered with a silicone release film, non-stick and removable, divided into two parts for easy placement and alignment of the rolls during the application.



Use & Application

Underfloor balconies and terraces

AUTOTAK and AUTOTAK MINERAL are indicated, respectively, as underlay or as waterproofing layer below roof tiles or on pitched roofs in general where the use of a free flame is not permitted or advisable, thus preventing the use of a torch applied membrane (for example: over wooden decks or fire sensitive insulation layers). 

For correct installation refer to information provided by Copernit Technical Department. 



30% made of recycled raw materials Completely recyclable Non-hazardous waste material Used-oil free!! Chlorine free!! Asbestos free!! Tar free!! Oxidized-bitumen free!!




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