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app pol -10°C



STARPOL  is an APP-modified bituminous waterproofing membrane made of distilled bitumen modified with poly-olefins and selected copolymers, that make it very adhesive and flexible at low temperatures. STARPOL is a membrane that is easily applicable in both cold and in warm climates, and is recommended for destinations of use where the waterproofing layers are particularly exposed to weathering agents and to thermal excursions.



The carrier is a non woven reinforced polyester which provides good mechanical characteristics together with an excellent dimensional stability, making STARPOL ideally suited for most waterproofing constructions. 



Intended use according CE Mark Standards

  • STARPOL  3,0 mm - 4,0 mm : underlay or intermediate layer in multi-layer systems for roof waterproofing (EN 13707) - foundations or ground waterproofing (EN 13969);
  • STARPOL  4,0 mm: top layer in multi-layer systems for roof waterproofing (EN 13707); 
  • STARPOL  MINERAL 4,0 kg/m2– 4,5 kg/m2: top layer in multi-layer systems for roof waterproofing (EN 13707).



Available surface finishes


STARPOL - upper surface

Sand Talc PE Film TEX
Standard Upon request Upon request Upon request


STARPOL MINERAL - upper surface

Self-protection by means of slate flakes available in standard grey or other various colours upon request: protects the membrane from ageing caused by UV rays.



The embossing of the lower face, coated with a polyethylene film, offers a greater contact surface with the flame allowing a rapid film retraction.



Use & Application

Flat roofs  Pitched roofs Under-floorings Industrial roofs Foundation 

In case of direct exposure to weathering agents, STARPOL shall be protected with reflective paint.
STARPOL MINERAL is recommended as a waterproofing cap sheet layer for applications without other types of protection.
Subject to the type of substrate STARPOL shall be installed by means of a propane gas torch, approved adhesives or by mechanical fixing. 

 For correct installation refer to information provided by Copernit Technical Department.



30% made of recycled raw materials Completely recyclable Non-hazardous waste material Used-oil free!! Chlorine free!! Asbestos free!! Tar free!! Oxidized-bitumen free!!


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