Solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation

COPERSOUND P - trampling acoustic insulation

Copersound P is a multilayer product in rolls consisting of an insulation layer in bitumen polymeric material coated on the upper surface by green color woven, coupled to a phono-resilient layer in woven non woven of white color polyester fiber, with a longitudinal selvedge of about 5cm to facilitate the joints overlapping during the installation. In case of wooden roofs Copersound P is furthermore very suitable as anti-condensation coating.

Nei tetti in legno il Copersound P è inoltre molto indicato come rivestimento anticondensa.


  • High acoustic performances with a good compromise between the dynamic rigidity and compressibility.
  • Waterproof and imputrescible
  • High resistance to trampling, to punching, both static and dynamic and to tearing. Avoids perforations and lacerations incurred by transits and site workings.
  • High flexibility easy to cut and suitable for every type of surface.
  • Ease of installation. It does not require changes to the building quota system.


Copersound PE is an anti-noise mantle for acoustic insulation of airborne noise made by a phone-insulation in reinforced bitumen polymeric material with glass veil coated on the upper surface by woven of green color coupled to a phono -resilient layer of cross expanded polyethylene with closed cells having a density of 33 Kg/m3 .


  • Effective brake to vapor and imputrescible
  • High flexibility, easy to cut and suitable to every type of surface
  • Ease of installation. It does not require changes to building quota system thanks to the reduced thickness.
  • Particularly suitable for restoration and renovation works

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